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How To Have The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Today’s brides and grooms are increasingly interested in outdoor weddings.  Here at The Farm at Broadrun, we’ve created a beautiful setting to host your spectacular day. Being outdoors gives a sense of relaxation, freedom and visual incitement that four walls match just cant. Disclosing your vows and saying “I do” with a slight breeze in the air and the sun setting behind the trees is romantic and unforgettable. Having your wedding outdoors does come with some unpredictable elements! However, with a little planning and a bit of affability nothing will stand in the way of experiencing all the best of your special day.

When choosing a outdoor venue determine if a “plan B” is needed in the event of uncooperative weather. Additional tenting may be necessary in the occurrence of heavy rain, storms or high winds. Consider the seasonal temperatures to determine if additional heating or cooling may be necessary to keep you and your guests content.

You will also want to consider your clothing and lets not forget the shoes. Think about the style of your gown and your comfort while mingling with your guests. Have fun with it and choose lightweight romantic dresses for the bridesmaids with lengths not to get caught on the outdoor surfaces. High-heeled shoes aren’t always the best for grassy conditions so consider going with some trendy flats.  In early spring and fall, you may want to contemplate adding a decorative layer to enjoy the falling temperatures that arrive with the onset of the evening.  And certainly don’t forget about the man you love and his groomsmen, a traditional tux may just not be the perfect option.

We share our outdoor spaces with many admirable creatures, and to be honest some we’d prefer to admire from afar. Remember that many types of insects are attracted to flowers; so keep your arrangements simple and elegant. In the same way bees are attracted to flowers mosquitoes can be attracted to you. To keep them at a distance use citronella candles and torches to keep them at bay. They also love perfumes and colognes so think about going au natural on the big day.

Talk to your photographer in advance. Discuss your backup plan and ask for suggestions in the event of poor weather conditions. Photographers often remark at how amazing photographs are in the rain. Clouds seem to filter the suns harsh rays and create the perfect lighting.

Any professional caterer will know how to handle the open air, but put yourself at ease make sure they are familiar with the site, its specific amenities and how important it is to you that they are prepared for weather related surprises.

With a little planning the unexpected becomes expected! And when Mother Nature does in fact arrive (have you left her off your list?) and potentially brings an unruly guest relax, enjoy and laugh. You have plan B! Remember that rain on your wedding day does not mean bad luck it simply means that the atmosphere was sufficiently unstable to support anymore rising air and consequently, precipitation.

Happy Planning!

For more information check out the July issue of Brides and Weddings of Northern Virginia. 

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