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Amanda & Jonathan

Their Story 

It all started on the 2nd day of business school at James Madison University. An instant attraction led Amanda & Jonathan to date for 2 years before being married on June 25, 2011.


“We were planning the wedding before he even proposed” Amanda giggled, “We knew we were going to be married, we had deposits on everything!”


But even the night of the proposal they were both so nervous. At a very nice Chinese restaurant this nontraditional couple ate duck, while nervously awaiting what would happen next. Jonathan had planned an elaborate fortune cookie operation. After having typed up a fortune proposal, that said “you will be with the person across from you forever,” he carefully put it back into the cookie, and glued the cookie back together; he sat and waited for Amanda to crack it open. Cookie time finally came, Amanda snatched her fortune cookie, cracked it open, and plopped the half glued portion into her month. Jonathan, who was not expecting her to even eat the cookie, began freaking out and trying everything he could to get her to spit out a cookie covered in glue. Amanda, who had no idea what was going on, but thought that she may have eaten the ring, spit the cookie out into her napkin. The surprised was ruined, a cookie had botched Jonathan’s sweet proposal. After laughing and clearing up what had just happened Jonathan asked, “Can I propose now?” As they laughed about it all Amanda of course said yes, and they were off to the races. 



With a proposal 6 weeks before the wedding date, there was no time to waste. Originally the two were thinking of having their reception at her parent’s house in Haymarket. But with the concern of rain, a need for firm footing, and a little over 130 guests to accommodate, the house was just not big enough. So the search for a reception location was on. Thanks to a battle with an unfriendly gopher, Amanda’s father constantly had to come to The Farm to replace a shrub that the gopher kept eating. On one of these trips he noticed a party happening at The Pavilion, and thought it would be the perfect place for Amanda & Jonathan’s reception.



Amanda & Jonathan made an appointment and immediately liked it! “It fit our style. It was simple, we liked the breeze that came through, it was very pretty, and we really liked the scenic points of interests.  Jon loved the peacocks! He tried to come up with a plan on how to involve them in the reception. Thankfully when the day came, he forgot all about the peacocks” laughed Amanda.




“A big thing that was really great about The Pavilion was that it is handicap accessible. With our older guests, that was a concern.” On June 25th there was no concern. Amanda, Jonathan, and their guests danced the night away under the stars. 





 “One of my girlfriends like it so much, she is getting married at The Pavilion next June.”



Teal, Purple, hints of yellow, with white accents 





Expert Photography, by Kacie Lynch 



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# Posted By ilew | 10/27/15 12:57 AM
derta's Gravatar This pair may be the happy couple.
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